Interview on Radio X – The English Show: About the work as an Job and Career Coach

25. August 2017

Recently, May Consulting had an Interview on Radio X explaining about the work as an Job and career consultant:

What is your connection to expats in Basel?

The work as an administrative assistant for the academic Dean of an International Hotel Management School connected me to students from all over the world. The cultural and educational expectations varied and some additional aspects like homesickness created new challenges that I had to take on.

As an HR Manager at International Companies such as the Bank for International Settlements, UBS and economiesuisse I learned about International Law and provided all sorts of information required as an HR adviser.

What do I offer to the Basle community? 

During my consultations, we will have intensive and deep discussions followed by scientific proven psychological test in order to understand personal intentions and goals of the customer that leads to the aspired career objectives. Furthermore, we work out a plan about how to achieve the target.

During my consultation, I work individually, personally and confidentially.  There are so many ways of working: For example, the family board and many other methodological tools might help to find out required individual needs.

On the other hand, I give courses where young people can be trained for aptitude tests. Those tests are typically required to start an apprentiship or to study Medicine at University.

What is the goal of this enterprise?

My personal Moto is: The journey is the REWARD and that is how I consult. That means together we create goals and find out a solution for how to get there as quickly and easily as possible.

How do people get involved?

My Company’s Philosophy is based on trust, and, therefore, confidence in each other is extremely important.  If you want to learn more about May Consulting please book a free hours consultation.