Careers Counselling

Why careers counselling?

The economy and the world of work are changing faster and faster. Suddenly, academic education and professional experience are no longer in demand.  We have to constantly change or adapt.

Even after many years of successful professional activity, we also seek new challenges and possibilities in certain stages of life.

Sometimes, significant life events lead to profound questions about the meaning of life and a change in values, which in turn raises the question of our professional situation.

You’ll get a carefully developed picture of your situation, your preferences, potentials and future prospects.

Are you in such a situation, too? Then, we should get to know each other. In our preliminary discussion, we’ll do an appraisal of your situation together. This discussion will take at maximum one hour and is free. After that, you’ll get a tailor-made offer from me.


Professional Assessment

We’ll produce a comprehensive professional assessment:

  • Clarification of inclinations, interests and abilities
  • Creating a record of your competencies
  • Emphasizing work-related personality characteristics
  • Creating a potential analysis
  • Analysing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Checking resources: hidden and unconscious abilities
  • Profiling the need for change (further education, new job)
  • Discussing career, work and general life satisfaction
  • Determining professional goals and implementing the initial measures

Application Coaching

You’ll be accompanied during the complete application process and I’ll support you in the following steps:

  • Searching for an interesting position and creating the application dossier
  • Finding out the advantages and disadvantages of the position advertised
  • Analysing the position profile and the company
  • Preparing and carrying out an assessment (optional)
  • Interview confidence by targeted interview training
  • Assistance with the decision on the optimal position for you

Application Dossier

Your application dossier is your business card when job searching for a new position. It’s the first and most important impression. I’ll professionally support you with:

  • Creating or re-working your CV
  • Preparing covering letters for specific positions or unsolicited applications
  • Presenting and complementing your qualifications and competencies
  • Filling gaps in your CV
  • Viewing references for completeness and coded commentaries
  • Compiling a complete application dossier

Interview Training

In order to achieve the most convincing and authentic optimum at the interview, you’ll need confidence. You’ll receive this by targeted preparation:

  • Specific training for interviews
  • Practising role plays with case studies
  • Optimising verbal and non-verbal behaviour


We’ll get to know each other in a preliminary discussion and make an appraisal of your situation together. This discussion will take one hour and is free. After