Job Counselling for Everyone

Have you already been active in your job for many years and are you feeling smothered by the daily routine? You would like to change jobs and take on a new challenge but don’t really know how to. Your application dossier is no longer really up-to-date and you’re dreading the interview because you haven’t had any recent interview practice.

In your careers counselling, a professional assessment will be carried out first. Depending on your inclinations, interests, abilities (conscious and unconscious) and your potential, we’ll find out where your true vocation is. You’ll be taken to your goal and supported with targeted advice. Your self-confidence will be fostered in job application coaching so that your personal presentation will be successful. We’ll optimize your CV in the same way and prepare you for the interview. We can deal with CV optimization as well as the interview in one-to-one coaching or in a job application group course.

We predominantly work with tests in the choice of job, job counselling, careers counselling, in-placement and out-placement. These tests are individually selected according to individual needs.

Job Counselling and Career Planning

Careers Counselling